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get a friend. >> andrea: someone doesn't have a charge and willing to stay sober, charge your friends $10. and pick them up and drop them off. make cash. >> kimberly: key master. >> juan: high five from "the five" on that. too many people take it lightly. >> eric: we have to leave it there. going to greg but he went already. leave it there. thank you for joining us tonight and throughout the year. we have the greatest fans on the planet. thank you. we also wish a happy new year to bob and dana. cheers to you guys. here is to making my prediction the reality. "the five" number one in 2013. let's do it everybody. of course to the troops whose commitment to freedom keeps us safe, sound and secure. thanks to all. good night, everyone. be careful out there tonight. let's do this. >> kimberly: happy new
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>> good morning. i am heather cheryleds. >> and i am patti ann browne. it is january 2nd. we start with a fox news alert. better late than ever. the house passed the fiscal cliff bill averting tax hikes for families making less than 450,000 dollars. >> many republicans are not happy because it does little to help the soaring debt or spending cuts that go into effect. the vote in the house was a lot closer than the vote in the senate. but the result was the same. by a 90 vote margin the house of representatives voted to extend the busher rue tax cuts and extend unemployment benefits for 2 million people. we heard from president obama before he headed back to hawaii
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for his vacation around midnight. he said he is happy. >> today's agreement enshrines a principal that remains in place as long as i am president. the deficit needs to be reduced in a way that is balanced. everyone pays their fair share everyone does their part that's how our economy works best. that's how we grow. >> this deal raises $41s in new taxes for every $1 of spending cuts. republicans who voted for it like speaker boehner who doesn't typically cast a vote declares they intend to fight harder for spending cuts in the new year. speaker boehner says quote now the focus turns to spending. the american people releblthed a republican majority in the house we will use it to hold the president accountable for the balanced approach he said for
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the reforms driving our country deeper and deeper into debt. the second ranking republican in the house after speaker boehner is majority leader is eric cantor. cantor voted against this deal last night. a spokesman told us the virginia congressman was not happy with the bill that passed the senate and spent all day yesterday trying to find an alternative but he couldn't. he said he is still proud of the speaker and other republicans who vote to do avoid what he called the largest tax hike in u.s. history. the debate is far from over as law americas turn their focus to the debt ceiling and spending cuts. for that we take a look at who is talking. >> charles krauthammer talking his analysis how he thinks those negotiations will unfold. >> i expecting it will end up with a patch with the view of our fiscal problems another failure as tonight. the reason is you have two ems in this the president and the
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republican house which will be on more equal strength they will work out another useless extension and they will have to fight again. and the reason i say that is that everybody spoke about tax reform after the election entitlement reform after the election. we see a president now who is not interested in either. tax reform is the one thing that his debt reduction commission recommended. there is a consensus in the country when reagan worked it out. obama made it clear he wants the rates to stay up he will eliminate deduction that's all he wants is higher revenues. that will be a titanic struggle that will not be solved at debt ceiling time. the president also weighed in on the debt ceiling saying he
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will negotiate over many things but will not have another debate over the debt ceiling. it is time for your top 5@5:00. the fiscal cliff vote wasn't the only drama in the house late last night. anger erupted on the house floor after alaw americas learned thee would be a no vote for super sandy victims. they were expect ago vote on the measure before the term ends tomorrow. but republican leaders suddenly ended the session last night prompting outrage from both sides. everybody played by the rules until the rug was pulled out from under us. we have a moral obligation to hold this vote. >> mr. speaker, we cannot turn our backs on our citizens who need us. >> i have to go home and tell them their new year's gift they are going to wait even longer, even longer for something they should have had over a month
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ago. >> this is an absolute disgrace. the speaker should hang his head in shame for allowing this to come up. >> he helped parts of new york and new jersey rebuild from that storm delaying the house vote until the new congress is sworn in. we will start the entire process over again. >> bipartisan outrage for spending even more of your money by the republican house of representatives approving a plan to block president obama's executive order to raise salaries for lawmakers and federal employees. the bill passed 287 to 129 including the support of 55 democrats. republican congressman mike fitzpatrick and darrel issa co-chaired the measure. what it was like for passengers on board the tour bus that crashed after sliding off a highway in oregon killing 9 people and injuring more than 3
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dozen. >> we screamed and some mothers scream to do find their son or daughter. >> the bus was headed for canada. 14 people are still in the hospital recovering. police identified one person to died a 57-year-old washington man. his wife remains in the hospital. parents and children in newtown connecticut are bracing for a difficult day as the students who survived the school massacre three weeks ago head back to school tomorrow. an open house is being held today so families can come see the temporary school set up in the neighboring town of monroe. the school says it will help in the recovery process reconnecting students with friends and teachers and return to a normal routine. the daring rescue of an oil rig crew after it ran aground in alaska caught on camera. the coast guard rescued all 18
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members from the shore of code backisland. the drilling rig carried 143,000 gallons of diesel fuel. there's no sign any of that fuel has spilled. that is your 5@5:00. >> it is time for maria molina who survived times square on new year's eve temperatures drop ago little bit. >> it is getting cold out there across pretty much most of the country anywhere in the west into portions of the midwest. the exception is southeast including florida and georgia. that's where you are looking at temperatures not too bad for the month of january. 17 in minneapolis 13 chicago. 23 degrees in new york city. the thing is when you factor in the wind it feels so much colder in places like new york city where right now your current windchill temperatures are 12
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degrees burlington, vermont windchill of 3 degrees. in bangor, maine, 3 degrees below zero. it has to be terrible close to what it feels like on top of a building at the end of december. taking a look at precipitation we are looking at dry conditions across portions of the midwest. there are snow showers across at y areas. we could be looking at snowfall accumulation. northern shore of virginia and the carolinacarolinas. eastern portions of the carolinas on the wet side. southbound eastern parts of stet la texas southern part of the state moving southward and will be moving out of the area. southern california santa ana winds strong winds expected gusting over 40 miles per hour around the los angeles area sand
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weigh yo as we-- san diego. >> thank you very much, maria. it is time to brew on this. kids these days. >> it's rain. nobody calls me ray. >> okay ray, i am molly. we met at our birthday party. remember? >> you are late. >> if you think the ruder generation -- or the younger generation is ruder you could be right. a new study found people between the ages of 18 and 35 are less likely to tip hairdressers say hi to their neighbors patti ann observe a door for someone than over 18 or 25. >> what about interrupting the news anchor. >> send us your comments or
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e-mail us at ten men's after the top of the hour. do you feel too full and stuff yourself at the table? the answer may not be in how much you eat but what you eat. we will explain. >> just because there is a fiscal cliff deal that doesn't mean your taxes are not going up. not at all. why every american with a job will be paying more.
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lauren simonetti from fox business network has more. >> the budget office says the fiscal cliff deal with increase deficits by close to $4 trillion because the deal extends the tax cuts for majority of americans stops from having to pay the minimum alternative tax. it also increases government spending by extending long-term unemployment benefits and averting pay cuts to medicare doctors and other items.
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the cbo estimates the bill will only cut spending by $15 billion while raising 620 billion from tax hikes patti ann. all wage earning are goes to see taxes go up. >> they pcompromised not raisin taxes. they did not stop the 2 year tax cuts from expiring. all american also see social security taxes bounce back this year to 6.2 percent. that will means a 1,000 dollar tax increase on a 50,000 dollar salary. the hire payroll tax will cut economic growth by .6 percentage points this year. and meanwhile we have a bigger fiscal cliff on the way. we have the debt ceiling and the sec quest ter is still out there. >> what the fiscal cliff deal does not do is address the two issues which is 110 spending
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cuts. they kicked the can down the road for another two months and address those then in late february. they may be unable to pay the bills if the debt ceiling is not raised. that debt default will no doubt send the u.s. economy back into could have more deleterious effect than falling off the fiscal cliff couwould h. >> tim geithner put in measures to avoid that. >> at the end of the month we are talking about these issues all over again. >> lauren simonetti fox business network. thank you. >> 15 after the hour. still to come the temperatures are plummeting and that means your risk of certain health problems rises. what you need to watch out for during the winter to avoid a trip to the doctor's office. several nurses fired for refusing flu shots. wait until you hear this story. >> was we go to break a look at the gas prices. national average 3.29 cents an
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ounce -- announce. $3.29. that is unchanged from yesterday.
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>> it is 19 minutes after the hour. here are quick headlines. it may be another reason to cut back on sugar. it can cause you to over eat. a new study finds when people eat fructose sugar it turns off part of the brain that tells you when you are full.
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a nursery fuse to go get a flu shot. four refused based on religious beliefs and asked for an exemption but were denied. it is mandatory and they could be fired. >> the cold and flu aren't the only things that can send you to the doctor's office when the temperature starts to fall. when winter comes a lot of health risks you may not be aware of. dr. phil lip cheat um is attending physician at winthrop university hospital. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> it is cold outside. it is cold in new york i can tell you that. one of the issues people should be aware of are heart problems. >> that's right. we certainly see an increase in the number of heart attacks in the winter. we know that people who have heart conditions like angina can trigger heart problems. we know in the winter people are shoveling snow. this is often unaccustomed
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exercise. nanny people run out of their blood pressure medications and heart medications if you don't plan ahead. we can see cardiac problems in the winter. >> make sure you have medications on hand and be aware of any physical ex certification. >> try not to do any physical exercise because of heavy meal. >> one of the things some of us cannot avoid is when the snowfalls and we have to shovel it. >> that's right. 11,000 people are admitted to the hospital with shovelling related injuries not just cardiac but back injuries from lifting snow. lift carefully and properly. try to use a smaller shovel if you are lifting a lot of snow. be careful to make sure you don't forget your regular medications. >> the main injuries associated would be muscle strains and tears. >> back problems particularly. we see a lot of that. the twisting injuries when people are shoveling snow over their shoulder.
2:23 am
cardiac problems we have already mentioned. if people fall on the ice we can see hip fractures if they fall in icy conditions. be careful. >> another tip to be aware. >> finally our next tip frostbite and hypothermia they could go hand in hand f. you are out in the elements shoveling snow or scraping the ice. >> frostbite effects your extremities fingers, toes, noses, ears. if you spend time in the cold and don't have fingers and toes covered if you have severe pain or burning sensation seek medical advice if you are concerned about frostbite injuries. >> go through if you can for us the symptoms. how do you know first of all if you have frostbite? >> fingers and toes may become
2:24 am
mochy white. when frostbite is more severe it can be painless. any color changes or severe pain those are certainly warning signs. >> hypothermia? >> hypothermia can result in many different ways. it can present with confusion, altered thinking. we know alcohol can increase your risk of hypothermia. so we would like to efmphasize that if you are taking alcohol you are outside be vig geilant t have. that's a risk factor. >> a lot of people suffer from this. you feel a little sad and down in the winter time. it is actually scientific there's a reason behind it. >> that's right. we are talking about the winter blues seasonal effective disorder. the american academy of family physicians say this effects 5 percent of people. many of us feel down and tired. some people have mild symptoms
2:25 am
but these winter blues generally effect all of us to some degree. >> what can you do to counter it? >> the first thing to recognize you are not alone it's not uncommon and these symptoms go away as the weather improves. some people find that light boxes help them. it is due to a disturbance in the chemicals of the brain. if you exercise regularly you increase seratonin levels commit to doing regular exercise every day get fresh air get outside. if you feel very depressed discuss it with your doctor because you may benefit from anti-depressants. >> i am a huge advocate to combat feeling down or depression. >> if you have an altered sleep weight cycle that can effect you. try to get up at the same time every day try to go to bed at the same time every day. try to avoid hyper nating. >> that's one thing i can never
2:26 am
do is go to head the same time of the day. carbon monoxide poisoning. >> it's not just stoves it's heating systems ovens particularly if you run a car in a gar raj. be careful about leaving your car in the gar raj. burners in basements can be a risk. make sure you have your fuel burners serviced regularly have a carbon monoxide monitor make sure the batteries aren't flat. replace them regularly to protect against carbon monoxide. >> we hear the stories where people try to stay warm and do things you mentioned not to do. >> people still heat their homes with ovens. things like that increase the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. >> thank you very much dr. phil
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lip cheatam. t26 minutes to the hotop ofe hour. lisa jackson resigned but now we know her leaving has a lot less to do with family time than the keystone pipeline. >> oo graduation ceremony all of the way to the supreme court. we will tell you why. but first on this day in history back in 194 one that song the ander sisters. they recorded boogie-woogie bugle boy for the movie.
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you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast, long lasting relief, use doctor recommended gaviscon®.
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only gaviscon® forms a protective barrier that helps block stomach acid from splashing up- relieving the pain quickly. try fast, long lasting gaviscon®. >> welcome back to fox and friends first. i am patti ann browne. >> i am heather cheryleds. thanks for joining us. it is half past the top of the hour. we start with this a fox news alert congress pulling the country back after it went over the fiscal cliff. late last night the house approved a senate fiscal cliff bill being signed into law. many republicans are giving the
2:31 am
deal a thumbs down. it does little to address the nation's soaring debt or automatic spending cuts set to go into effect. doug luzader is live in washington with more for us. >> good morning guys. it when pretty. it may be good news for the markets but parts of the deal are only temporary. the house did pass this ultimately but it wasn't all that close. it was 257 to 157. you have a clear majority of republicans voting for it. it was enough for president obama to declare a victory. >> thanks to the votes of democrats and republicans in congress i will raise the taxes for 2 percent of americans while preventing an american tax hike that could effect the economy in
2:32 am
the recession. >> with that evidences gone. air force one could be on stand by to take the president back to finish up his vacation. in washington it is still something of a mess. as far as tax rates are concerned you can fill out 1040 relatively occurred tax race are going to be unchanged. 450,000 dollars and couples who make more than 450 will see the tax rates go up. as far as the automatic spending cuts it would have especially hit the pentagon those have been delayed for at least two months. so it's something that they are going to have to tackle again. the other big problem what it does to the deficit more than 4 trillion of added debt that had a -- had many republicans
2:33 am
voting against it. >> that is going to be huge debate over raising the nation's debt ceiling the president will push for an automatic increase in that. they will want to extract something in the way of spending cuts. we have been through this before. because republicans didn't get much of anything in spending cuts and the deal last night they will look for big ones in the debt ceiling negotiation. >> we hit the december ceiling november 21st but they put in emergency measures. what can you tell us about those measures? >> we know there are accounting gimmicks they can use to extend this. they can buy maybe a couple a month. they can negotiate the deal the president wanted to have some kind af debt ceiling raised as
2:34 am
part of the agreement. this was kicked down the road. it is something in the way of spending cuts and the president will oppose that probably every step of the wachlt doug luzader live in washington, thank you. a lot of reaction coming in the fiscal deal this steven hayes is talking about. >> hayes talking about republicans passing the bill with lack of spending cuts among other things. >> there are very few it is tives no reason if you are republican to sell out the fact that 84 percent of people whatever the number is it's a higher number than that 84 percent of the bush tax cuts are going to be preserved. not worth celebrating the fact they are going to have the same tax rates they had for the last
2:35 am
year. if you look at it from the tax expenditures from the stimulus expend -- expend tures. it would be like whif i ordered plate of nachos and pointed at the tomato that was a huge nutritional value. we should focus on the tomato. >> i have seen this happen. oo and the salsa jalapenos those are vegetables. a huge plate of nachos isn't good for you. focusing on the tomato doesn't make it bert for you it is focusing on the tomato. >> another heated moment when the house decided not to vote on the bill that sparked major outrage for law americas in new york and new jersey. we will have a live report on that in a few minutes.
2:36 am
the top five stories making news at this hour. the fiscal cliff vote not the only drama in the house late last night. anger erupted on the house floor after lawmakers learned there would be no vote on an aid package for super storm sandy victims. new york and new jersey representatives were expecting a vote on the measure before the term ends tomorrow but republican leaders suddenly ended the session last night prompting outrage from both sides. >> everybody played by the rules except tonight when the rug was pulled out from under us. absolutely indefensible. we have a moral obligation to hold this vote. >> we cannot turn our backs on our citizens who need us. >> i have to go home and tell them their new year's gift they will have to hawait even longer for something they have over a month ago. >> this is an absolute disgrace the speaker should hang his head
2:37 am
in shame for not allowing this to come up. the senate passed a $60 billion aid package friday to help parts of new york and new jersey rebuild from the storm delaying the house vote until the new congress is sworn in. we will start the entire process over again. >> did president obama's epa chief quit because he approved the keystone pipeline? an exclusive report says lisa jackson resigned in protest. the president previously rejected plans for the $7 billion pipeline saying he needed more time to examine the environmental impact. >> jackson said he might approve the project as soon as march or april. jackson spokeswoman denies she resigned over that issue. the pipeline would create tens of thousands of jobs. a wisconsin high school fight to hold the graduation ceremony at a church could be headed to the supreme court. the school headed the ceremony at a nondenominational church
2:38 am
because it could hold larger crowd and it has air-conditi air-conditioning. students and parent combined because there were bible images. it ruled the school rviolated te separation of church and state. talk about the right place at the right time a pilot flying a private plane over his own florida home spots a man lurking around the property. he hovered over him after he realized the guy was trying to break in. >> made a tight circle around our property watching him over the air he was clearly looking at us several times. looked up. >> the pilot followed the man after he took off with his toe trailer after landing the pilot called police. the ladies and gentlemened prowler has been caught and now faces a grand theft charge. >> that is interesting. >> 'tis the season to take a
2:39 am
dip. >> oo speaking of hypothermia they took a plunge for the polar bear plunge. in some cases the water was as cold as 43 degrees patti ann. the event taking place from the east coast all of the way to the midwest all for a good cause to raise money for charity. that is your 5@5:30. would you ever do that? >> i will write the check to charity. don't make me go into the water. >> speaking of weather let's get the first degree weather update with maria molina. >> even though fwhoe it's january it is supposed to be cold it's winter but some of the temperatures are below what is average for this time of of the
2:40 am
year. we are looking at temperatures too cold for january or early january. right now in portions of utah one degree is the current temperature. you factor in a little wind it will feel like below zero out there. 17 minneapolis 13 chicago and across northeast is chicago temperatures only in the 20s new york city. you factor in the wind feels like 12 degrees in new york, below windchill temperatures feels like 3 below zero. we have portions of the mid atlantic and eastern parts of north kierl line gnaw the frontal system will push eastward. the cold air across the country is because we see the cold air from south of canada. parts of alabama and georgia and heavy rain across southern part of texas and brownsville. you need the umbrella early this morning. as we continue our track west ward in california we are not
2:41 am
dealing with any rainfall and we aren't expecting nif that today. there is a concern as far as wind goes with wind warnings in effect excessive wind advisories in effect out here with gusts expected to be over 40 miles per hour. here's a quick shot of the high temperatures expected for today only in the 20s in minneapolis. now it is time to entertain this kim kardashian talking about the first time for the first time talking about being pregnant. she is already having cravings. what does she want? sushi apparently. she knows this not good to have while pregnant. instead she is having lots of veggies and dip. the big baby news leaked earlier this week by proud pa pa to be
2:42 am
kanye west. >> getting into such a heated fight this is at a club in miami new year's eve that he was thrown out. witnesses say nick lobe i think that's his name was upset after vegara took a picture with a fan and started yelling at her. she went with him when he was given the boot by security. >> academy motion pictures arts and sciences extended the oscar voting deadline to tomorrow over fears issues of the new electronic voting system we will learn who was nominated next week patti ann. >> top sports stories northern illinois makes the first trip to the bowl championship series but it was anything but memorable. it was no match for the orange bowl. the huskies lost 31-10. they went on to beat the badgers 20-14.
2:43 am
stanford's first rose bowl victory in 40 years. angie reed may not be without a team for too long. they contacted the former coach and topic to coach the team. espn reports he could accept the job by the end of the week. all things must come to an end including the clipper's 17 game winning streak. the nuggets won it was the longest streak since 2008 and franchise record for the clippers. >> the time 42 after the hour. still to come they asked members to pay more money but it turns out one teacher's union wanted to raise dues to pay for parties. we always hear being fat can kill you but could holding on to just a few extra pounds actually save your life? we will talk about it.
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>> welcome back. a huge hike in paris. leav thieves making off from apple products from the flag ship store. four armed robbers took advantage of officers patrolling new year's celebrations elsewhere in the city to break into the store. what was the most popular christmas gift this year. think you know? it wasn't an ipad or a kindle. instead it was ugg boots. they found the boots were the most searched item on-line. experts say it comes as a surprise since the company sales are actually down. do you have a pair? >> no. maybe people searched them but didn't buy. it is time for the first class travel it is that time of year to dust off your skis and snow
2:47 am
boards and hit the slopes. what are the hot vacation destinations and how can you make sure you are getting the best deal? let's ask tral loss city senior editor tracy scott. >> how can you get the best deal as soon as>> you want to book a ski vacation package booking your flight and hotel at the same time. bundling that together will save you a ton. the ski and lift tickets in the bundle. physical you book those many offer sris counts. >> many want you to buy the whole package up front. if you are not an av vaid skier you may not want to buy the all inclusive ticket up front. >> book in advance. you should book as far out in advance as possible. this goes for any kind of vacation especially in the ski houn tans. you have only got a short window of time to get there.
2:48 am
be flexible. you don't want to go if there are any kind of big events happening be flexible with the days of the week if you travel. let's talk about the hot february ski destinations. the first one you say is hotel madison. >> tell ue ride it is quaint historic village. the mountain is spectacular as well. it is 1,276 dollar vacation package 7 nights in the mountains totally gorgeous and a great deal. >> tell ue ride lake tahoe the quirk wood resort. >> it is 35 miles outside of lake tahoe. dramatic landscape to have your ski vacation. they have the k factor the powdery dry conditions for almost the entire season $991 for the package there. >> the sun dial lodge at
2:49 am
canyon's reporsort. >> it is a beautiful resort from any type of skier from the novice to the beginner. it offers something for everyone. park city sundance is there and the city is full of excitement. restaurants night life, 1,63 dollars. >> not bad. >> if you want to go to canada the fairmount chateau at lake louise. >> it is stunning beautiful resort 1,263 dollars for the package. just really luxurious and that kind of rugged el gains. >> sounds good if you want to take the february vacation got good tips there. travelocity senior editor. 48 after the hour. still ahead teachers union leaders partying it up. it wasn't their money. they asked teachers to pay hire dues. taking a big leap. steve doocy see what's
2:50 am
coming up on fox and friends. >> shortly fox and friends is going to kickoff. we have a deal folks congress passed a fiscal cliff deal a bunch of republicans voted for it. a bunch of republicans voted against it. we are going to talk about it with congressman darrel issa of california and senator richard shelby of alabama and dana perino. get this. ted pay attention. find camera 3 dr. neil warren and ceo co founder of e is going to tell you how to find love in the new year. you hear me ted? he hears me. fox and friends kicks off 10 minutes from now right here on your channel for love. fox news channel.
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>> staffers are living large having million dollar conferences at fancy hotels thanks to member dues. according to the new york post the union spent $166 million last year on training meetings and events. good news if you packed on pounds it could help you live longer. those slightly plump may live longer than those who are skinny. they exercise more and try to eat better to counter that. kids in one new jersey town will arrive at school this morning with armed guards on patrol. the district made a decision after the tragedy at sandy hook to protect students and teachers. the decision is stirring up controversy. christine has more. these schools already have
2:55 am
tight security there are surveillance cameras. the doors are locked you have to use an intercom once there your driver's license is scanned. starting tomorrow armed police officers will be standing guard. >> i think it's a good idea after the shooting in connecticut. make the kids feel safer. >> rick's daughter is in 4th grade in the marlboro school district will have armed police officers inside the school. >> it makes me feel safer because i know what happened to the kids. makes me feel really safe. >> the schools already have surveillance cameras and a lobby guard system where volunteer parents scan the drivers licenses of all visitors. >> we have gone past the time where i can put parents in harm's way. >> david abbott said they decided on the armed guards right after the massacre at sandy hook elementary school. having cops with guns in the school it ising in new there are
2:56 am
two that slight time between all of the schools. there will be one in every school the entire day. >> there's an emotional event to this. i personally have a hard time talking about it and seeing the images. still some parents argue this is the way to go. >> sad we are getting guns off the street we won't need the armed guards in the schools. >> the armed officers will only be in the schools for the next three months while they try to figure out if there is a more cost effective way to keep the school safe. that is drooins reporting for us. still ahead are you a kid at heart? you actually may be even if your teenaged years are a distant memory. we will explain. >> i will always be a kid at part. >> it is your last chance to answer our question of the day we told you a new study that tells you 18-25-year-olds are ruder than elders. do you agree the younger generation is less courteous?
2:57 am
we will read the e-mails up next. :
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2:59 am
>> two minutes till the top of the hour as we look at the good, bad and the ugly. first the good. a surprise reunion at the rose parade of soldiers shocked his wife and four-year-old wife by returning home from afghanistan. sergeant first class eric pass greatly served our country there and in iraq. his wife and son flew from their home in germany thinking they had won a contest to see the parade. this is much better. up next the bad, a spirit airlines jet was taxiing and hit an air force plane.

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